Made For More offers professional partnerships with schools so learners can experience confidential, non judgmental, pastoral support. We do this through Mentoring, Lessons, Lunch Clubs and Prayer Spaces. 

Our aim is to work with learners so they develop resilience to reach their aspirations. 



Since 2012, our mentoring service has been designed and continually improved to cater for a range of needs. School pastoral departments refer students to us for a variety of reasons and we structure our sessions to be age appropriate and unique to each student.

The Made for More team and a group of committed and well-trained volunteers, meet with students on a weekly basis offering a safe, supportive environment in which to talk.  We explore ways to move forward and use a range of confidence building and resilience techniques.


If you are passionate about seeing the wellbeing of your students increase contact us at the details below.

"We are so grateful for the wonderful work that the Made for More Mentors do with our students at Great Baddow High School. The dedication, care, compassion and professionalism of the mentors makes such a difference to many young people. What they provide is early intervention, and because of it we are able to offer spaces to many students throughout the term. The invaluable work the mentors do helps improve our students' confidence, their attendance, their wellbeing and their outcomes."

Sian Field Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Personal Development Co-ordinator

Great Baddow High School




In partnership with RE departments, Made for More run lunch-clubs in schools across Chelmsford. These provide an opportunity to socialise, play games, eat together and have fun! 

Looking at themes of life, faith and belief, these times are a chance to reflect, connect and share our different ideas about what it means to be human. 

‘Great activities’ Y8 pupil

‘It’s helped me overcome isssues that could have affected my health’ Y9 pupil

‘You can be yourself’ Y9 pupil

‘Its about the people, that’s why I keep coming’ Y9 pupil

Great staff, great food, great friends, better than lessons!’ Y7

You get to make new friends’ Y7

‘Good to hear other people’s vies on issues’ Y9 

‘No need to pretend’ Y8

‘A safe place to talk about feelings and issues’ Y8




Made for More can work in partnership with your RE department to provide a unique prayer and reflection space. Following a designated theme, we bring a range of resources and activities designed to encourage deeper around the topic. Students are given the opportunity to spend time as a class, in smaller groups and as individuals as they engage with the interactive session. Example themes would be Advent, Christmas and Easter; further suggestions from the school are welcome. 

"The Refresh prayer space was a superb event. Classes in years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to explore the numerous prayer spaces that had been set up. Stations included an opportunity to express hope for the future, both for individuals and groups facing difficulties around the world. Pupils could also reflect on their own identity and what makes them unique. The session was designed in a way that encouraged pupils to reflect and explore their own feelings as part of the school’s SMSC (Spriritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) provision and was accessible for people of all faiths, including those who do not consider themselves to be religious. This was a very enriching and fulfilling experience. Pupils have all expressed how much they enjoyed the experience enormously."

Mrs Morrish
Head of Faculty- Citizenship, PRE and Sociology
Moulsham High School




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