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The Power of Kindness - The ripple effect

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Inside the teenage brain

Grab a cuppa, get yourself comfy, and let me take you on a journey into the teenage brain…All throughout early childhood our brains learn at an amazing rate, synapses are firing data to each other faster than anything an adult can comprehend- even faster than a super computer!

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Impact of a significant adult

Children need positive role models, adults that can guide them, advise them and act as a supervisor - someone who can see the way this path ends and try their best to guide the child down a better path.

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It's just a little tweak...

Scrolling through Instagram, my sub-conscience thoughts start: ‘I wish I had that tan'. ‘How come none of these people have spots?’. If these thoughts are going through my head, at this age, when I’m well aware these photos have probably been filtered and photoshopped, imagine the effect on an impressionable teenager going through body changes, who thinks that this is the standard now, and anything less makes them not good enough. 

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