Made for More primarily offer one to one mentoring and lunch clubs to secondary schools throughout Chelmsford. Through working closely with the staff, we can supply consistent and quality support for young people within the school system.

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One to one mentoring is offered to schools at no charge, by our team of trained and DBS checked staff and volunteer mentors, who work closely with pastoral teams. Each mentor is trained to listen, provide emotional support and space for self reflection. Mentoring is not about fixing or counselling, but about encouraging, listening and signposting. Schools, teaching staff and pastoral teams are under increasing amounts of pressure. Our mentors can offer time and consistency to young people needing to be heard. All mentors are updated with current safeguarding practices.

lunch clubs

Lunch Clubs are a place for fun, food, friendship and faith. All are welcome from all faiths and none. As a Christian charity we respect and value each young person and their beliefs. Our lunch clubs are an inclusive space to discuss life choices, experiences and values. Whilst we lead our sessions from a Christian perspective, we welcome the input of others with contrasting views. These groups also provide a safe space for those who may feel vulnerable within the school system.

Empowered Course

The Empowered Course is a holistic course designed to equip and empower young people with tools to help them as they navigate through teenage years, and beyond. The students are led through 6 weekly sessions covering emotions, identity, influence, resilience, expectations, communication, conflict, respect, relationships and self esteem.
The sessions are designed to be interactive, engaging, creative and flexible in meeting the needs of the group helping to make it as relevant as possible to participants.
The Empowered course is written for young people aged between 11 and 18 years old and is non-gender specific.

committed to excellence

Our team are committed to delivering an excellent service to all schools. We support staff and young people, following safeguarding principles and the value system specific to that school. Made for More are dedicated to providing quality conduct throughout all interactions.

committed to diversity

As a charity, we do not discriminate. This includes race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, religion or lifestyle choices.

committed to love

We are motivated through our faith and this fuels what we do. We work within the Government Prevent guidelines in all of our services. Made for More are funded by the local churches of Chelmsford, who also regularly pray for the work that we carry out.

'Mentoring is helpful and decreases my confusion'

'Mentoring is a place where I can clear my head, it's a safe haven'

'Having a mentor is like having a friend who supports and listens to me, someone who is there for me'

I don't really talk to many people, but I have found you so easy to talk to. You are so positive - it helps so much!'

'Having a mentor, someone I trust, has helped me cope with the last three difficult years and learn skills to help me cope with my stress'

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